June 18, 2006

Why, is this just another post?

Hello everyone, here's a piece I did of a young super-hero-in-training. As you can see, it is not finished, but I'll be sure to post the finished version as soon as possible. I've come up with a lot of new comic idea's for super-hero's, and super-hero-teenagers. I was also wondering if any of our members here at Art Massacre would be interested in making some new comics with me...

In other news, I'm also working on an "illustration friday" picture, with the new topic-Dance. I'll post it some time today, or tomorrow on comixBlog.

And last but not least... I would just like to say, I'm really thankful to all of our supporting contributors here at Art Massacre. I would not have been able to do it with out you. Thanks to all, and to whomever might want to join, just e-mail at: monply7@charter.net

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