September 26, 2006

minature, phobia, change,

for more about theses:

September 24, 2006


comments/crits anyone?

September 21, 2006


wanted to say so much with this one...
i did my first sequental piece.
my confession for whats it worth
sometimes i hate myself

dont know how to get rid of the underline so... um.. sorry

September 12, 2006

voice and farm

two more for the project, for more on these:

September 7, 2006

i love the 80's

September 6, 2006

Don't know if anybody can really read this well, but what it says is: Get cold beer for free! And the Character says: Is this for real? comment's/crits anyone?


September 3, 2006


she said she felt safe in my arms...

she was

and to think i felt safe in hers....

September 2, 2006


just a thing i did the other night, i decided to use it for my website that i am in the middle of updating. oh and i recieved an email from artful wisdom asking if i was willing to participate in a contributor profile interview.