March 13, 2011


As the arteries of blogger have slowly been plugged, Art Massacre has witnessed a lack of posting. So here, one of my newer drawings. I ran out of space on the leg and hand. Sorry! ;)

BTW: First post of 2011!

BTW: Happy Belated Birthday, Art Massacre!

September 2, 2010

Hello all just a update about my sketchbook it will be available at the Labyrinth Book Store here in Toronto for those members that live here in Canada, and for the Non Canadian you can check their blog if your interested. I'll provide a link and address. I would really appreciate any support, this is still all new to me but I decided not to let fear control my life. I did this in hopes that everyone out there that ever commented on my art could have a chance to have some of it . I posted a few more pages from the book as well as a alternate cover I had printed, I hope you enjoy the work I put my heart into it so I hope you all can feel that.

The Labyrinth
386 Bloor Street West
M5S 1X4 Canada

The Labyrinth Blog Thanks one and all
Stay fresh one and all!!!

Perry LJ Osuna

July 20, 2010

im back

i guess that this, what, relaunch(?) is a sort if breaking of a fast.

i havent really drawn for about two years.

it wasnt intentional, i think that things kept coming up and i fell behind and out of practice.

and im sorry, this blog, sadly or not has been one my greater achievements in life and i abandoned it for... something less, and ultimately a waste of time... more